Solar Power & Battery Backup Systems

Tailored to Your Needs

We help people overcome loadshedding & save money on electricity by making
homes & businesses across South Africa self-sufficient with renewable energy.

Solar PV / Backup Systems

We import a variety of products to help you get through loadshedding, like inverters, solar PV panels, power stations and more.

"I am literally unaware of loadshedding"

“SolarWatt installed an inverter for me. It powered my television 24 hours a day as it did my WIFI,
several plugs and all my lights. I am literally unaware of loadshedding, as I don’t experience any inconvenience.
I have been so impressed with SolarWatt that I am getting them to do a further upgrade.” – Kathleen

Why Switch to Solar Energy?

  • Works during loadshedding and power failure
  • Saves electricity
  • Solar energy is renewable, free, and environmentally friendly